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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for Roaming userRoaming user
ECRABQWFUYClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where Notes failed to launch on Mac OS 10.13 and 10.14 when roaming is enabled. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for RouterRouter
RBOD8FQMLZServer - Router - Fixed an issue with Message Tracking where the delivered message was showing as deleted, when it was actually still in the mail...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
RPAIBQMNGGServer - Added a defensive fix to guard against corrupted messages during NRPC authentication with AES/GCM port encryption.
CTOEBQ9TQEDomino - Fixed an issue with idpcat.nsf where exporting the service provider XML would result in the entityID value having an extra "vault." prefix...
SSARBTRH9TServer - Archived users in the ID Vault who already have a ~ prepended to their name due to consecutive bad passwords will no longer have an extra ~...
HHIEBL4C6CFixed an issue where HCL iNotes was susceptible to a sensitive cookie exposure vulnerability (CVE-2020-4126) - See KB0085411
Hide details for ServerServer
MSAIA8Y989iNotes - Fixed an iNotes web issue where a user was unable to download a file with a DBCS name plus additional symbol and numeric...
Hide details for TemplatesTemplates
DHDGBRA2D3Server - Domino Configuration Tuner - fixed an issue where Domino Configuration Tuner was not recognizing Release 11.0.1' in the 'Server build...
Hide details for UIUI
MMNDB83RAXClient - Fixed an issue where navigator scrollbar resets to the top when expanding folders or any other items at the bottom of the navigation pane. ...
CSMHBQQHSLClient - Fixed an issue where the name picker dialog would not be displayed if it's previous location had some portion of the dialog off the left...
AYAVBTGHHYClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where cursor was not visible in editor, to, cc , etc fields.
SAHNBNW9SSClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where composite application showed a blank screen when opened in Notes client in Mac OS.
MMNDBUC2H6Client - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where using UseBasicNotes=1 Notes preference would result in a crash.
Hide details for XMLXML
JPKRBPAG9YClient - Fixed an issue where HCL Notes was susceptible to a Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2020-4102) - See KB0085499
Hide details for XpagesXpages
PJONBMDVVHDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where editing XPages document in multiple windows does not allow all windows to save multiple...
HYZGBRJAV7Designer - Fixed an issue where Designer would hang when opening a particular customized XPages database. This regression was introduced in...
RGANBS6EQ6Client - Mac - Xpages - Fixed an issue within the Xpage Rich Text Editor control where Notes would crash when trying to display a drop down control. ...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
XBYNBU7362Designer - XPages - Fixed an issue in XPages where adding a container control and choosing "View", then selecting a view would result in the error...
Hide details for 11.0.1 FP111.0.1 FP1
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
MSKABN2HEDAdmin - Fixed an issue in the Admin client where, when trying to manage a vault server to do an action like add/remove a vault server, the error...


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